Day 204 (December 23, 2015)

204 Antlers

Wednesday was family picture day.  In short, it did not go well.

After pictures, one group went one way.  Another group went to my brother’s house.  It’s a 2 hour drive.  Most slept.  At brother’s, we went to a shooting range and fired lots of guns.  There were small guns.  There were big guns.  A lot of ammunition was fired.  The men shot.  The ladies shot.

After gunfire, we went back to brother’s house.  We played euchre.  Jessie made a gingerbread train.

Supper was delicious.  Ham.  Twice-baked potatoes.  Beans.  Rolls.  Baked Corn.  Cookies.  Etc.

The trip back seemed long.

The two groups re-united back at the house.  We decided that we didn’t need to sleep on the living room floor a second night.  The men went back to the basement.  The ladies went to the master bedroom.  Sister and hubbly slept in the dining room.  I betook to the couch.

We were all glad to see day 204 end.

Blessings:  Going to brothers’ house.  A great family meal.  Not sleeping on the living room floor.


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