Day 203 (December 22, 2015)

203 Blanket copy

All the children are home safely (as of 10:00pm Tuesday).  There are twelve souls in this house sleeping safely.  Not to be repetitive, but think about it:  On September 1 was saw this house for the first time.  It needed completely restored from the ground up . . . wiring, windows, floors, walls, heating unit, insulation, masonry work . . . There were cracks in the plaster, a bathroom that wasn’t functional, enough holes to let the heat out in ten minutes, things that were cosmetically in need of help, mortar between bricks that was crumbling, ceilings that had to be torn down . . . But, some very kind souls drove thousands of miles, literally, to help get this house into a functioning state of condition.  And a hundred days later, Jessie and I are able to open the doors and welcome a hoard of people into this home.  Were it not for the generosity of so many people and were it not for the generosity of God, none of this would have been possible.   I deserve none of this.

And, as exciting as all that, on Tuesday, I got to go jogging.  You have no idea how wonderful that was.  I’ll pay for it the next day.  But, stretching those legs and breathing in some clean air was a bigger blessing than I could ever describe.

I can’t wait for Jessie to be old enough to jog with me (picture a tiny jogging suit and an adorable young lady next to an old guy whose body has more wrinkles than his sweats . . . seriously folks, a half a century separates Jessie and me in age).

Tuesday, the girls went to the laser joint to get hair removed.  As it turned out, they had the wrong day, but the laser folk kindly removed moustaches.

The gentlemen worked in the kitchen:  chocolate fudge, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, two chocolate cakes with icing, dough for candy cane cookies.

When the girls came back, the men retreated from the kitchen and gave it to the girls.

In the afternoon, two sisters went to the movies.  The rest of the gathered went for a walk along the river.  We drove and looked at the sights of the city.  We played on the swings.  We walked across a bridge.  We enjoyed a day with amazingly warm weather.

In the evening, a group made a run to Kohl’s to get a pair of jeans.

We went to the woods to get firewood for evening fires in the fireplace.

There was another round of hide-and go seek.

We had a big sleepover in the living room with ten folk on the floor in sleeping bags and on couches.  When the last two sibling/sibling-in-law arrived, they were pelted with burp gun fire from the seemingly sleeping group on the floor. Sister took a direct hit to the forehead.

Bedtime came and day 203 was no more.

Blessings:  Everyone is home


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