Day 201 (December 20, 2015)

201 Love

The household was up at 7:00am.  They had vowed to be up at 6:30am.  I made sausage and pancakes.  When did bacon get so expensive?

We left for church a tad late.  We saw Billy the homeless guy and his tribe, but they were 2/3 the way to their destination.

Church was good.  The preacher said that since churches celebrate Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day, days the Bible doesn’t command us to observe, that the same should hold for Christmas.  Good point.  Then he quoted Paul on the matter of the celebration of days and the liberty to observe or abstain.  The sermon was on the various reactions to the birth of Jesus.

After church, most stayed for Sunday school.  We stopped at Menards to get some odds and ends to finish up a project or two.

Lunch was a hurried meal of spaghetti.  Then, most went to Star Wars.  The only seats left were the front row.  Jessie stayed with oldest sister.

The sleeping arrangements are just what we needed.  We got box springs for the full sized beds.

We finished the hall closet.  We can now hang up coats.

We made more ornaments for the tree.

Supper was leftovers.

Jessie’s bronchitis is much better.

One sister went with grandfather to the airport to retrieve another sister and friend.

Oldest sister had to go back to work on Monday, so she left.

I went to the grocery to get breakfast food.  Along the way, we grabbed more milk and a last minute Christmas present.

We watched a bit of football.  We made ornaments using cookie cutters and peppermint candies.

The family read Bible together and prayed

I took Jessie upstairs about 8:00pm.  We read Anne of Green Gables until sister arrived from the airport.  After she said good-night to Jessie, I kissed Jessie goodnight and headed for my bed on the couch.

Day 201 was special and ended all too soon.

With the house so full, we skip Taps and Chariots of Fire.

Blessings:  Jessie being over bronchitis.  Closets.  You don’t think much about closets until you don’t have any.  Good preaching.  The Lord’s Supper.  Airplanes that land without incident.


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