Day 200 (December 19, 2015)

200 Puzzle

The arranged time for awakening was 8am.  I got up at 4:00am.  Because they are on the second floor and in the basement, I am free to use the first floor to read, use laptop, plan, read Bible, cook, and prowl.

I hit the road at 5:30am.  I got two windshield covers, three loaves of really yummy bread, a plate hanger, toggle bolts, potatoes, ice cream (two flavors), and sausage.  If you want to avoid Christmas shoppers, just go out at 6:00am on the Saturday before Christmas.  No traffic.  Empty stores.  The people working there are more friendly when the store isn’t filled with unhappy customers.  I delivered warm gloves and buckeyes.

The crew was up at 8:00am.  Jessie was up earlier since her internal clock is set for 7:00am.  The rest slept well under their down comforters (sandwiched between aforementioned sheets and quilts.

The Florida visitors are not used to the cold.  They wear many layers in the house, and the Cleveland sister, Jessie, and I are pretty comfortable.

We hung the mirror in the bathroom.  It looks amazing.  We worked on trim, installed a new toilet, and scraped paint errors.  The bath looks great.  When we get the tile floor restored, install the new vanity (on order), and paint the frames and doors, it will be spectacular.

We got two box springs for the ladies’ beds.  The mattresses sagged without them.  We got the Christmas fake candles for the windows, my dad’s sleigh bells, the family stockings, and tree lights out of storage.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We got four gallons of milk.  Within two hours, a gallon and a half were gone.  I’ll check on getting our own cow. . .   or herd of cows.

I called about my insulation that was supposed to be here two weeks ago.  After a half day and many apologies, they discovered that the first truck failed to ship from warehouse one and the second truck failed to ship from warehouse two and by then the order languished in a computer order black hole.  It took my phone call to bring the order back out of the vacuum.  The order will be here Monday.

Lunch was leftovers.  I reorganized the freezer to accommodate the new food.  In so doing, I took out everything made in days of old so we could have a seamless flow of traffic:  store, freezer, stove, card table, stomach.  Lunch was leftover jambalaya, leftover pasta, three grilled pork chops, and the last serving of chicken Marsala.  The freezer has two used paint brushes and a roller cover, but all the older food is now in someone’s belly.

We finished two closets.  My clothing is now in its permanent location.  We ran into some issues with the front hall closet, so it’s not done.  But, I can now list the remaining projects on one hand that need completed before the kids come home.  I’m only two days late.

Supper was spinach-stuffed tortellini with mushroom sauce, stuffed mushrooms, great Italian bread, corn, and Christmas cookies.  It was delicious.  Jessie’s grandfather joined us and we moved the two card tables to the living room.  Since the ceiling light isn’t installed in there, the one torchiere light in the dining room made it look like we planned for mood lighting.

The candles in the windows look amazing.  They look really great in the seven architectural windows that are original with the house (two leaded windows upstairs and five shudder windows downstairs.

After supper, we made paper chains for a while.

We read Bible, we prayed, and we opened the lock box and distributed cell phones.  Day 200 was over.

Blessings:  Leftovers with family.  Great fresh food with family.  Milk, even the disappearing kind.  Seeing the nine stockings on the mantle.  Days that start at 4:00am and that end at 8:00pm and that are filled with Bible, lots of work, family, food, and a hint of Christmas.


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