Day 199 (December 18, 2015)

199 Sunday Dress

The college kids called and said they were leaving early.  They are to be home in the early morning on Friday, rather than that night.  I decided to:  let Jessie sleep in and start Christmas Break a day early.  Oh the powers of being a school teacher, principal, and superintendent.  I think I’ll declare that all wars will cease tomorrow.

So, Jessie got up a half hour earlier (on her own) than usual because she was excited.  The siblings arrived two hours later than advertised so we could have had school anyway.  Instead, we filled the time with a bath for Jessie and further house prep.  I had hoped the house would be done, or semi-done, but instead it was only semi, semi-done.

The kids finally arrived.  One sibling hadn’t seen the house, so we did an internal and external house tour.  The other two got to see how things had changed since they last saw the place.

After the tour, we had lunch.  They chose chili.  They ate three quarts.  They were hungry.

After lunch, we set to work.  I worked.  Jessie worked.  One brother worked.  One brother spent a large portion of the day sleeping.

In the course of the day, we got the bathroom painted and the house sleeping setup in order.  We installed the bath light.  The basement has four double beds set up dormitory style. Thanks to oldest sister and Black Friday, they all have new sheets and quilts.  The master bedroom has two full beds and one twin bed.  Thanks to brother and my grandmother, the beds have news sheets and old quilts.  The boys are in the basement and the ladies are in the master bedroom.  The boys have a bath, no closets, and Simon the cat.  The ladies have five closets and a bath.  I’ll leave it to the reader to decide who is the more blessed.

Supper was leftover jambalaya.  Brothers helped work and sister did an amazing job cleaning and organizing.

In the evening, we made paper chains with Jessie for the Christmas tree.

Oldest sister arrived about 8:30pm.  We unpacked her car, read Bible, prayed, and distributed cell phones.

Day 199 was over and the semi-finished house was full.

Blessings:  Having a majority of family members sleeping under one roof.  This house.  Quilts, store-bought and hand-made; new, and old.  New sheets, never having been slept on.  New towels.  Having the second bathroom 70% done.


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