Day 197 (December 16, 2015)

197 Window Seat

Up early.  Jessie had days off of school on Monday and Tuesday.  But, it was back to education on Wednesday.  We built the morning around school, knowing it was to be a busy afternoon.  Saxon math still throws new learning concepts.  Jessie seems to have conquered other former problems.  She still loves biology.  We have finished mammals and are now working on birds.  Jessie reads 2-3 extra books per animal.  There were 12 different mammals, so she’s already a voracious reader).

The bronchitis is about the same, except the deep cough is far less frequent.

As soon as school was over, we headed out to get the cat.  En route, we stopped at the Amish dented can store.  We got tortilla chips, two cans of mushrooms sautéed in teriyaki, three kinds of oriental marinade, various types of Reese’s candies, syrup, stuffed pasta, nail polish, Claritin, ramen, soft tacos, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.  When we picked up Simon, he seemed not the much worse for wear.  I left the zipper open in his carrier, but he was content to stay inside.  When he got back to the house, he fled to his basement pantry.

I started painting the hall closet.  We listened to some Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  They do some really weird stuff.  I love “Canon Carol,” but the weirdo stuff is just too weird.  It’s like listening to the weird stuff of Manheim Steamroller (front row seats at Akron University with my Dad years ago).  Here’s a freebie about Chip Davis.  Think about this the next time Rush Limbaugh signs off before Christmas with Chip:

Jessie dressed and redressed her Raggedy Ann in her two outfits.  Jessie read.

We called Jessie’s siblings.

We called it a night.  Bible.  Prayer.  Taps.  Anne.  Teeth.  End of day 197.

After Jessie crashed, I listened to some of the presidential debate.  I’m not sure I learned anything or changed my mind.

Blessings:  Simon is on the mend.  Jessie’s bronchitis is on the mend.  Looking forward to stir fry with sautéed mushrooms.  Now that Simon’s fixed, his departure is in a week


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