Day 196 (December 15, 2015)

196 Couch

I was up early.  Simon the cat was headed for his destiny at the vet.  I got Jessie up and dressed her warmly, even though it isn’t terribly cold outside.  She doesn’t have much of a fever and her ears are fine.  Still, I bundled her up and put a hat on her head.

Simon was not pleased about the trip to the vet.  He chewed/clawed a hole in the cloth mesh of his pet carrier.  It wasn’t big enough to extricate his whole body, but he could stick his head out.

Traffic was a nightmare.  We got to the vet 45 minutes late, but they didn’t care.  Simon didn’t care that we were late since he was in no hurry to get there.  Simon was scheduled to be fixed and to lose his front claws.  To add insult to injury, Simon gets shots, too.

After leaving Simon on death row, I got a haircut, picked up sheets and quilts from house storage, went to an eye appointment, and ordered more sheets from Macy’s.

Jessie’s lunch was tomato soup.

Tuesday was devoted to getting more prep done for the upcoming return of the children.

We went to Menards.  We returned stuff to Stein Mart.  We had some frivolity.

By the time we got home, we were all tired.  On the porch step were the Christmas gifts for my brother and sister.

So, we retired.  Day 196 ended with Bible and a prayer of Thanksgiving.

Blessings:  Jessie having a good night’s sleep.  Jessie feeling better.  Having the house this far along.  Having the holiday preparations this far along.  Remembering the birth of Jesus (and His death and resurrection).


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