Day 194 (December 13, 2015)

194 Perler

Before church, I made jambalaya and fajita meat for a friend.  I also got the stuff ready for jambalaya for us.  The morning sermon was on the attribute of being childish that aren’t desirable.  Even though Jesus commends childlikeness to us, the Bible also has a great deal to say about undesirable childish attributes.

We had given a ride to one of the homeless guys before church.  I said lunch would be Cajun food.  He said spicy food bothered his stomach.  So, after church, I made spaghetti instead.  When I took it down to the four guys, they seemed disappointed. Billy had told them they were getting jambalaya.  Maybe I’ll sneak some leftover jambalaya to them on Monday.

For lunch, we had jambalaya with smoked sausage, stuffed mushrooms, corn, salad with mushroom stems, and peanut butter blossoms.

After lunch, we went shopping.  We got milk, eggs, bread, a box for Jessie’s Perler beads, two saw blades, four dress shirts for a friend, sawzall blades, a pine wreath for the door, more Perler beads, two sewing kits, four matching washcloths (for 17 cents), two pairs of shorts, a toilet paper dispenser spring-loaded roller, and a Melissa and Doug peel and stick toy which teaches about habitats.  It’s perfect for Jessie’s biology lessons.

Jessie has a croupy cold, with snot and a deep cough to match.  After being told to get some lotion Kleenex, she forgot.  So, while we shopped, she contented herself with wiping her nose on the leg of my blue jeans.  After shopping, I went to CVS and Walgreen’s to get the cream version of Vicks vapo-rub.  They were out.  I couldn’t bring myself to by the old, ointment version, to oil up her chest, and to zip her into the zip-up footy p.j’s.  That sticky mess is one horror memory of my childhood. Instead, she got a shot of the Mucinex cough and cold children’s syrup.  I’ll get the Vicks on Monday.  And, I’ll save my blue jeans and make sure I bring the Kleenex myself.

When everyone was gone, Jessie and I had a quiet supper together.  Then, we put her Perler beads into their new box.  We finished the first carton of Moose Tracks ice cream.  We called siblings, but no one was available.  We prayed and read Bible (Psalm 61).  I brushed Jessie’s teeth and put an extra shirt on her under her footy p.j.s.  We were reading Anne when brothers called.  It was a welcome interruption.  We read some more Anne and turned out the lights.  I forgot to play Taps, but I didn’t forget to tell Jessie that I loved her as I kissed her.

Blessings:  A less-tense week-end.  Having food for Christmas almost done.  Having 98% of Christmas presents bought.  Having homeless friends who look forward to seeing Jessie and me.  Worship in God’s house.  Kleenex with lotion.  Blue jeans as a backup for forgotten Kleenex.  The new and improved version of Vicks.  A little girl who wakes up in the night who says, “Daddy, would you get me a Kleenex.”


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