Day 191 (December 10, 2015)

191 Math 2

Maybe Simon the cat knows about Tuesday’s surgery and is hiding in hopes he can avoid the knife.  No Simon sightings.

I made chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate fudge, and melted peppermint kisses inside round pretzel rings.  They are easy and really pretty.  I made up two packages for gifts.  The drywallers are coming tonight for the last time until after Christmas.  I wanted to give them a small gift.  For regular blog readers, you know they are stars in this house project.  We couldn’t do it without them.

Breakfast was French Toast.  Jessie requested it.  We have light butter and light syrup.  Thank goodness when I was growing up we had the real stuff.

School proceeded and learning occurred.  Saxon Math is in a phase where they seem to be throwing variations of what she’s learned prior.  It’s fun to watch her little brain solve problems inside-out from the way she previously solved them.

Lunch was tomato soup.  It is Jessie’s current favorite.

We caulked the flat roof and it is now officially done.

We went shopping.  We went to the library.  There were two copies of Harper Lee’s on the book cart to be reshelved.  I asked the librarian what she thought.  She said she hated it.  I said I loved it.  She said that’s the case; people either loved or hated it. We picked up two classics for Jessie:  one on whales and the other on milk from cow to the kitchen table.  We went to CVS, Sherwin Williams, the local hardware, Ollie’s, Hobby Lobby, and Staples.  At Staples we bought paper boxes.  Do you know they sell the empty boxes for a buck?  The boxes fit perfectly, two, side-by-side, in the hall linen closet.  We bought poster paint at Hobby Lobby.

Once home, we painted the boxes and filled them with down comforters, mattress covers, sheets, and blankets.  The closet is now organized and color-coordinated.  We’re getting ready for Christmas company.

The drywallers came and turned the house upside down.  They wanted to get as much done as possible so they could get in a long break til after the holidays.  By evening’s end, nearly every room was a dusty mess.  Mrs. Drywall had made a hand-made Raggedy Ann with clothes that change for Jessie for Christmas.  Jessie has a store-bought one in storage, but this one is even more special.  Jessie insisted that the wrapping box be put beside her bed so Ann could sleep beside her in her own trundle bed. We ended day 191 with a red-headed Raggedy Ann to the left of Jessie and we read from a book with a red-headed Anne.  Both are mythical beings, but you couldn’t convince Jessie that they’re both made-up ladies.  Jessie has listened to one grow up and the other one snuggles with her when she sleeps.

On the side of things that are real, we read the Bible and prayed.

Blessings:  A friend who gave my daughter a special doll.  Books about dairy farms.  Organized linen closets awaiting family to make use of it.  T-minus five days until Simon the cat goes under the knife, and counting.

A note from Jessie:  I   Think   Biology  Is  Fun.  It’s  One  Of  My  Subject’s.


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