Day 186 (December 5, 2015)

186 Mirror

So, Jessie’s other sister and her hubby and a friend and a cat (Simon) were supposed to get here about 2:00am.  They got here at 5:00am.  So, they were super tired.

As noted way back, I exclude names to maintain a level of privacy.  I’m just not a big fan of putting a lot of personal details out there.  But, you may have noticed that I outed the cat by name. I just don’t mind telling you the personal details of cats’ lives.  Simon is here to get fixed, which, as his owners say, really means broken.

The drywallers were back at 8:00am.   Made sausage and pancakes for the crew.  The long-distance travelers got up at 8am and commenced to work immediately.  We began by getting everything going with the drywallers.  Beds needed moved.  Wiring needed done.  Rooms of stuff needed moved.  Insulation needed to be installed.  Once all those things were in place, the different groups could do other work.  The front porch got re-sealed.  The first floor baseboard got caulked.  The second floor wiring and 3-way switch in the hallway were completed.  We also got some kitchen wiring done.

To wire the 3-way, we had to drop part of the basement ceiling.  That was uniquely messy.

Jessie’s grandfather came to visit.

There were a few wires pulled that needed to be re-routed.  And some wires got cut needlessly.  But, those stories need not be repeated.  What happens with wiring on Wardall stays on Wardall.

Nearly all of the huge pot of potato soup was gobbled up at lunch.  Between meals, we munched on pretzels and hot pepper butter.  Mr. Drywaller was caught off guard by the heat of the pepper butter.  We also had some venison Trail bologna, a gift from some previous visitors.  Supper was Gold Star chili and many had three helpings.

We had some good family discussion that eve.

Jessie alternated between being sisters’ and Mrs. Drywallers’ little helper.

I made cookies and Jessie’s sisters delivered them.

Sisters’ friend and brother-in-law’s friend stayed up til 2:00am talking.  They had just remet for the second time.

Bedtime was late so I think we skipped Taps.  But, there was some Bible.  There was some prayer.  And just as time waits for no man, so day 186 ended.

Blessings:  Having fun and laughter in the house.  Jessie being surrounded by family and loved ones.  To make Saturday happen, four groups drove 1790 miles (round trip) to make it happen.  If that doesn’t humble you, I don’t know what would.  Having drywalling and wiring done.


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