Day 181 (November 30, 2015)

181 Desk

In the grand scheme of things, this day represented the last day of six months of this adventure/blog.  It represents the last day of three months of working on/living in this house.  As I look back, I am humbled by how kind God has been.   am grateful for God’s grace to Jessie and His grace and mercy to me.

We made some more chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.

Jessie still struggles with things I thought were vanquished.  There are three subtraction problems she doesn’t like.  Double-digit sums aren’t too good.  She doesn’t like “half past” in time.  So, we just repeat, repeat, repeat.

Monday was an oil change.

That was followed with some trash, holiday decorations, and Skyline.

Then came violin lesson.

The evening had some pleasantries.

Soon it was time for prayer and scripture and bed.  So closed day 181.

Blessings:  Six months of God’s blessings.  Three months of work on this house.  Violin lesson.  Helping others.  Friends who help with oil changes.


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