Day 180 (November 29, 2015)

180 Borrowed Shirt

Somehow it crept up on us.  This Sunday was a fifth Sunday so early service is cancelled at our church.  We scrambled and found that the early service at the church where Jessie does violin was also at 8:30am.  So we shifted gears and went there.  It was a nice service.  They do Advent and we were there for the first Sunday.  The sermon was on the song of Zechariah.

Since we were visitors, we got a gift card to Starbucks.  When did church and coffee become synonymous?

Sunday school.

Lunch was the aforemade pot pie.

After lunch, there was a brief trip to Kohl’s and the group split up.  One group returned stuff and one group went to a movie (Peter Pan).

When we all got together, we hung out, ate, and talked about life.

After Jessie and I were alone, we called a couple folk on the phone.  With one, we talked theology.

We read the Bible.  We prayed.  We brushed teeth.  We put on p.j.’s.  We listened to Taps.  We did all those things we do every night and we ended day 180.

Blessings:  Meeting around the Lord’s table.  Being with the people who matter most to me.  Knowing that the Lord loves me.  Being able to say good-night every night to Jessie.


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