Day 179 (November 28, 2015)

179 Selfie 2

Saturday was the first of five that we didn’t have a house full of workers.  It was a nice break.

Jessie’s sister made biscuits and gravy for us and for the homeless boys.  We delivered it.

We cleaned.  We framed the access to the solarium attic space.  We put drywall mud in cracks and holes.  We took down the ceiling fan in the master bedroom to fix the octagonal box.  We used washers to fix the distance and mudded the spaces around it.  We installed the new and improved antique house sign.  We moved the green board out of the garage and swept.  We re-organized the basement and cleaned it up.  We moved the new construction stuff to the basement.

Jessie’s sister picked up her friend at the airport.  He continued to work on holes in the woodwork.

I made a chicken pot pie for Sunday lunch and put it in the fridge.

I made chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.  Sister and friend delivered them.  Jessie and I went to bed and were asleep before they got back.

Bible.  Prayer.  Taps.  Sleep.  Day 179 ended.

Blessings:  A more mellow Saturday.  Good cookies.  Seeing the end of a few small projects.  Jessie having off four days of school.  Jessie’s teacher having off four days of school.  Jessie having four days of family.


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