Day 177 (November 26, 2015)

177 Sink

Since it was Thanksgiving, I let Jessie sleep in.  I got up and baked two pumpkin pies.  None of that silly frozen pie stuff for here.  Never, never put cloves in a pumpkin pie.  That’s a travesty.  If your mom or grandma are still alive and put cloves in a pumpkin pie, respectfully slap her.  If you do it yourself, look in a mirror and slap yourself (Note: No mothers were slapped in the creation of this blog).  I made baked corn (1 cup sour cream, 1 can corn, drained, 1 can cream-style corn, 1 stick butter, 1 egg, 1 box of corn muffin mix.  Mix it all together and bake an hour.  Thanks Sue for recipe).  I peeled and boiled the potatoes (If your mom uses a box mix for her potatoes, I don’t know that she deserves to be called a mom.  Just sayin.).  The hams went in for two hours.

In the midst of this Jessie got up and asked if we could make three or four pies.

When I finished putting stuff in the oven about 9:00am, Jessie’s oldest sister came.

While things cooked, we did some online, Black Friday shopping for the house.

Just about 11:00am, the food was all warm and ready.  We dropped the first meal at Angela’s.  I hadn’t noticed the night before that her body is covered in sores.  We held hands and had prayer.  In the stairwell were two kids from the apartment complex. When we came in, they were on the parking lot tossing a football.  They had followed us in being nosey.  I handed each a Baby Ruth candy bar.

We found Billy and the boys on the highway corner asking for cash.  I asked if they wanted us to take them to the apartment with the hot food.  They said they wanted to stay to get more money.  So, we bought foam plates and bright red plastic tableware (the clerk skipped the tax).  We prayed together.  The four homeless guys dug into their Thanksgiving dinner sitting on a low cut-face block wall outside of a BP gas station.  I had tears in my eyes.

By the way, Jessie had made two Thanksgiving wreaths.  We gave one to each group from her.

When we got back to the house, it was time to go to Thanksgiving at Jessie’s grandmother’s house.  The meal was delicious.  The house is beautiful.  It was a joy to be with family and to thank God for the year’s blessings.

The contrast between Angela and the guys at the BP and the setting and meal of our Thanksgiving was stark.  That doesn’t even take into account people in developing countries who have literally nothing.

Our lunch was delicious.  We brought a cheesecake to the meal.

After lunch, we went to JC Penney to get in line to get the early arrival $10 off coupons.  It’s an annual tradition.  We’re so part of the hubbub, J C Penny doesn’t even open their doors until we get there.

After that, we drove two hours to my brother’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.  We brought the leftover cheesecake and Jessie got her wish.  We had an entire pumpkin pie that I’d baked that morn (without cloves.  I hear cloves are good for getting rid of spiders in your basement.  Stick them in a hedge apple and put them down there.  It’s a better use of cloves than ruining a pumpkin pie).

Meal two was also delicious.  What happened to the turkey-shaped butter wasn’t pretty.  Once again, we thanked God for the blessings.

Black Friday shopping has changed over the years.  It used to be that nothing was open on Thanksgiving.  Now, five of my seven destinations were open Thanksgiving night.  So, we stopped by the house, printed the battle plan I’d typed after reading the ads while we drove, and we headed for Kohl’s.  Although we were two hours late, the clothes we’d put together on the rack were still all there.  At an average of about $2.00 a dress shirt, we got presents for two sons, one son-in-law, and one son-in-law-wanna-be.  We got a $150 sport coat for less than $10.  Jessie’s sister got a $70 pair of tennis shoes for $18.  There was a minor hiccup, but a second trip to Kohl’s fixed that.

The biggest haul came from JC Penney.  We got towels for almost nothing.  We also went to Macy’s to get new sheets for the beds in the house here.  At Christmas, we expect twelve.  The sheets were $6 a set.  We also visited Target (sold out of a loom for Jessie) and Sears (it’s a short, boring story, but we got nothing there, either).

We got home at 2:00am.

Day 177 ended somewhere between JC Penny and Macy’s.

Blessings:  Lots of our Christmas shopping done for not so much money.  Food with family in a home atmosphere.  Not having to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner.  Having much to be thankful for.  Having a Mom who taught me how to make a pumpkin pie.


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