Day 173 (November 22, 2015)

173 Cry

I got up early.  I played “Chariots of Fire” about 6:30am.  Sister gave Jessie a bath.  We’ve noticed that Jessie has grown taller.  The clothes/dresses that fit back in August are often too short.

Breakfast was leftover pancakes and sausage and leftover pizza.

The morning sermon was on Thanksgiving from Philippians 4.

Lunch was grilled pork chops, salad, corn, and pizza.

After lunch, older sister, friend, and Jessie took friend to the airport.

We went to a flick.  We saw the Peanuts movie.  I thought it was simply wonderful. When we got back, sister and Jessie were already at the house.

Sister and I firmed up Thanksgiving plans.  We decided not to go to Pensacola to visit the siblings.

Another of Jessie’s sisters called and we made plans for she and hubby to visit.  We’ll be babysitting the grandkitten for three weeks while he becomes an it.

We made three grilled cheese and turkey and delivered them to our homeless friends, James, Billy, and Chris.  We gave two of them a ride home to their apartment.  One lamented that he’d lost his cell phone.

Back at the house, we called three old friends on the phone.  We called the family where oldest sister is living.

It was eight o’clock, so we read Bible and prayed and did those things necessary to complete day 173.  When I played “Taps,” Jessie asked me not to play it since it makes her left nostril hurt.  I threw olfactory caution to the wind and played it anyway.

Blessings:  Worship.  Good preaching.  Old Friends.

P.S.  So, I set the alarm for 11:50pm.  I called oldest sister to wish her a happy birthday.  I made her go to her car trunk to get out her birthday cheesecake so it could defrost so it’ll be ready for birthday supper when she gets home from work tomorrow night.  And would you quit freaking out?  What are the chances she’ll have a flat tire, you worry-wart?  Sheesh.


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