Day 172 (November 21, 2015)

172 Selfie

I slept in.  It’s Saturday, after all.  I mixed scratch pancakes for the household and the family friend cooked them on the griddle.  I had wanted to make chili for lunch but assumed I was out of seasoning.

My brother arrived early.  He drives about three hours, so you can do the math to figure his departure time (if you get it right, you get three bonus points).  He arrived between 7:00am and 7:30am.  We commenced to getting the kitchen and living room ready for paint.  The kitchen had several noted flaws.  We tore down the wallpaper and the walls are terrible.  With a few tweaks, the ceiling held Kilz primer and looks ready to paint.  But, the walls will need attention before the ceiling can be painted. Brother started on the first of three coats to the living room ceiling.  The stains there were just stubborn so it took an extra coating.  Since he couldn’t paint the kitchen, he betook to the ceilings of the entryway, hallway, and stairway.  Again, there were a few issues.  There are now two coats on the lower ceilings and one coat on the upper.

In the midst, brother and I stopped several times to work on the clogged drain.  We found the clog but couldn’t get a snake through it.  I gave up and went to the hardware to get boots to put the drain back after we cut it in two places.  But, brother was persistent.  He was able to snake through the clog and we didn’t end up cutting the drain.  At one point, I opened a clean-out and the drain “puked” foul water all over me face and clothes.  I had a bucket, but since the lines were full, the water pressure caused the water to gush over the top of the bucket and soak me.  Brother is the hero and all I got was drain puke (that would make a great saying for a t-shirt).

Sister and friend worked on prepping window frames and baseboards.  There are cracks and junk in the cracks.  They used a 5-way tool and got the junk out.  They sanded.  We’ll fill with caulk and then there won’t be unsightly gaps in the wood transitions.  (When I say “unsightly,” why does it bring the old pantyhose commercial with the girl remarking that her mom’s saggy pantyhose looked like the saggy legs of the elephant?).

For lunch, we did Little Caesar’s.

While sister and friend were picking up the pizza, I moved the cheesecake/fudge/cookies to sister’s trunk.  I took out her spare and put the food in the spare well.  Since sister will be four hours away on her birthday, I thought it would be helpful if she unknowingly delivered her birthday cake to herself.

Jessie spent the day lecturing the workers on history and biology.  I’m not kidding.  She really likes those two subjects so she got out her notebooks and reviewed what she’d learned over the past six weeks.  By the time we were done with drain, ceilings, and trim prep, we were thoroughly versed on Pocahontas, Christopher Columbus, Captain John Smith, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores, and more than a few varieties of mammal (not to mention a few habitats).

On a completely unrelated note, Jessie commented that it was the first day she heard the blower motor in the vanity base.  Something occurred to me when Jessie mentioned it.  If one were to sit on the toilet (seat down, of course), and cross their les and paint their toenails, they could switch feet and the wet toes would be blow-dried while they painted the other set of toes.  I think that will be a major selling point when it comes time to put this place up for sale.

So, brother headed out at 4:00pm.  The rest of us wrapped up what we were doing and cleaned.

The four of us got in the van and went to Menards.  I don’t know what you do for fun on a Saturday night, but I know where the happening place is.  We came.  We bought.  We conquered (veni, emercor, vici).

We dropped off a cheesecake.

When we got home, we emptied the van, ate a late supper, and called it a night.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  We slept (legis, orare, dormir).

We finished book four of Anne of Green Gables.  We also finished day 172 (ilicet CLXII)

Blessings:  That I never had to take Latin.  That the Internet translates from English to other languages (even if my words aren’t close equivalencies).  Kitchen drains that work.  Being an omnivore.  Another day of work with friends and family.


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