Day 171 (November 20, 2015)

171 Star 2

I got up early, no surprise.  I’m about caught up on Bible reading.  I’m usually either ahead or behind.  I finish the year, every year I remember, at the end of Revelation.  Friday was bath day for Jessie.  The bath still had grit from the tearing out of the bathroom wall.  I thought about cleaning it before Jessie got in but I figured some pumice for her tiny rear would help exfoliate.  Breakfast was eggs.  We’re out of shredded cheddar, so she got a slice of American cheese and Tabasco sauce.

Just kidding.  I cleaned the bathtub before she got in.  You people are so gullible.  I put sandpaper in her shorts instead.

School started well.  But, there was a small chance the electrician would show.  And, our first insulation contractor came at 9:20 (twenty minutes late).  All that goes toward me simply saying that we finished school about three hours late.  Jessie’s got the two column addition thing.  She’s got the tally mark thing, 80%.  She’s blazing at subtraction.  She finally gets the analog clock.  Money is still a bit of a mystery.  But, finances are still a bit of a mystery to me, too.

The insulation guy gave me a lot of good ideas.  He changed my mind on a number of things.  I think I’ll re-do the attic insulation over from scratch.  It has nasty wool insulation with questionable R-value.  The IG (insulation guy) suggests we put in pink R-38.  I’d take the old wool and stuff it out to the extremities of the two dormers.  Mr. IG suggests that he blow in fiberglass into the second floor.  I have about 60 linear feet of framed external wall, with seven windows.  Nothing can be done for the first floor since the plaster and plaster board are up against the brick.  Mr. IG will get me an estimate by Monday for the second floor.  The attic will cost about six hundred bucks if I do it myself.  Mr. IG suggests that I use canned expanding foam on all the exposed spaces in the basement.  That’s about ten cans and about thirty bucks.  Finally, Mr. IG like to blow in fiberglass between the garage and the solarium floor.  I’m thinking maybe not so much.  When he left, I had lots of fertile ideas.

Jessie and I made the birthday goodies for oldest sister.  Sister’s favorite chocolate bar is Hershey’s cookies ‘n cream.  So, we modified a chocolate cheesecake recipe and used three jumbo bars of cookies ‘n cream.  The recipe made two cheesecakes.  We used a Hershey’s/Betty Crocker cookie box mix and made two dozen cookies.  We used authentic cookies and cream (from Hershey’s and Mrs. Crocker again) and iced the cookies and made cookies n cream sandwich cookies.  And, we used three bars (jumbo, colossal size) and made fudge.  Since we had one bar left, we used a meat tenderizer, crumbled the last bar, and sprinkled the chocolate crumbs on the warm cheesecake.  There were no extra cookies to try, but they looked mediocre.  I haven’t tried the cheesecake, but Jessie and I agreed that the fudge is excellent.  (Recipe:  Three 6.5oz cookies n cream bars, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.  Put into a pan and stir while it melts.  Use waxed paper on the bottom of a 9×9 glass pan.  Pour and mold fudge into glass pan when the mixture is completely melted.  Lick spoon.  Leave extra fudge in heating pan and eat the goo while warm.  Drink milk.  Repeat.  Again).  We hid everything in the freezer or back of the fridge.

All in all, we were late getting school done.

Jessie and I have taken to doing dishes like developing countries and old wilderness camp.  We have a wash bucket with sudsy water and a rinse bucket with clear water.  When we finish, we throw the dirty water out the back door.

I thought about a late afternoon run to Menards, but traffic in the highway is no fun.

I called the drywall dude, but got his answering machine.

So, I decided to do a project that’s been lingering.  Jessie and I went outside and started working on the line of caulk on the front brick that’s left behind from the canopy.  Since the caulk is down in the cracks, caulk remover and a wire brush only take off 20%.  By wire brushing it, I actually clean up the old, dirty caulk in the cracks, so now it’s whiter and more noticeable than ever.  So, I got creative.  For some, I used a brass wire brush and it turned the face of the brick and the caulk a goldish.  Others, I used a steel wire brush and it turned the brush a dull silver color.  For the rest, I raided Jessie’s Crayolas and started coloring brick and caulk.  It actually did a decent job.  Mr. Drywall called me back.  I told him what I was doing, and he laughed at me.  I thought about getting out a hairdryer and melting the Crayola chips to the surface, but since the drywall debutante thought I was ridiculous to color my bricks, I thought I might look even more silly with said hairdryer blowdrying my bricks.

Mr. Drywall tried to explain how to hang the solarium green board.  I was too oblivious to understand, so he took pity on me.  He called back and said he and his wife would be over to hang it that night.

Jessie and I got ready for their arrival and ran out of time to have supper before they got here.

So, we helped hang two layers of ceiling.  If nothing else, it was fun.  While we hung, Mrs. Drywall spent some time coloring with Jessie.

After they left, Jessie and I had late supper.

After that, Jessie’s sister arrived.  We read Bible and went to bed.

Sister’s friend arrived after we went to bed so he was on his own for making himself comfortable on the couch.

Day 171 ended at two different times for the three of us and the one of us.

Blessings:  Experimental confection success.  Having a ceiling in the solarium.  The many kindnesses of the drywall folk (His kidney stone is ether passed of behaving, as of Friday).  Good suggestions about insulation.  Having flexibility with homeschooling to end the school day late and still get it all done.  Birthdays.  Chocolate.  White chocolate.  Cheesecake.  Chocolate cheesecake.  Fudge.


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