Day 169 (November 18, 2015)

169 Recital4

I was up at the usual early time.  I put tools away around the house so it would be ready for the next time to get them out.  That would be at 9:00am when the electrician was scheduled to arrive.

In school, I explained two-digit addition differently and, for Jessie, the lightbulb went on.  She got the concept.  As I said yesterday, it must be the teacher.  Jessie is at the point where she can do many things in school by herself.  So, she continued to do school while I did work with the electrician.

The electrician left at 1:00pm, but not before he had wired two outlets, the solarium fan, one switch, and most of the bathroom.  The bathroom now has a light in the bath fan and two temporaries on the wall attached to the switch.  It’s nice to walk into the bathroom and use the switch that you know is where it ought to be.  Another hour of wire work in the bathroom and that space will be ready for the drywall dynamic duo.

I called said drywall duo.  The side-kick in the duo has kidney stones.  Depending on how he’s feeling, we may or may not see him in the near future.  Please pray for him.

Before taking on the afternoon adventures, we started the festivities with a nap.

On the road again, we did a bit of shopping toward the east side of town.  Then, we went to Menards.  We wasted over an hour sitting in traffic.

Supper was late and leftovers.

There was some evening fun.

Jessie and I got ready for bed.  We called some folk to thank them for the past several weekends of work and to give them some updates on progress.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  I was too sleepy to read much Anne.  We’re nearing the end of this book.  The book is nearly ended, but for Jessie and myself, day 169 was ended.

Blessings:  Having a bathroom switch where it’s supposed to be that works.  Having library books in the house that Jessie loves to read when I’m busy doing stuff.  Having finished preparations for transportation for the siblings to come home for Christmas.  Having bought plane tickets so that is taken care of.  Giving Jessie the gift of learning and her having conquered two-digit addition.  Lifelong learning.


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