Day 168 (November 17, 2015)

168 Recital3

I was up early and hoping to get a lot done.  I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but I did read my Bible.

Bath day for Jessie!  Jessie is still struggling with adding two-digit pairs of numbers!  Jessie is smart, so it’s the teacher!

After lunch, we headed to our old stomping grounds to drop off the car I wrecked.  We have a friend that does repairs very reasonably.  We visited an Amish store and got refried beans, peanut butter Twix bars, tortilla chips with expired dates, syrup, havarti cheese, ramen noodles, vanilla extract, Jello, and lots of other stuff.  They are cheap, so we got lots of stuff there.  We stopped at K-Mart and got Jessie turtle-neck sweaters.  We were going to go to Menards, but I was just sick of the endless errands.  Menards would have to wait.

At home, we ate supper.  It was yummy fish fillets in batter and yummy Italian chicken.

After supper, we ripped out the wall in the bathroom.  It was an ever-loving mess.  Do you remember with the old people used to say something was “ever-loving”?  I do.  Well, this mess was ever-loving and then some.  After cutting out the wood and plaster and filling three garbage bags, we cleaned the dust and debris.

I took a shower.  Jessie and I had ice cream.

Jessie and I were tired again as we read Bible and Anne and prayed.  Day 168 was over.

Blessings:  Peanut butter Twix bars.  Good chicken for supper.  A friend who does car repairs generously.  A day when we didn’t go to Menards.  The memory of people who used to say “ever-loving” and similar things.


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