Day 166 (November 15, 2015)

166 Recital

Well, as you may have guessed, we were up early.   Sister fried sausage for breakfast.  Everyone got ready for church and we left in two cars.  Along the way, there was an ox in the ditch, but once we got him out, we arrived at the church building only a few minutes late.

The sermon was on Ephesians 5 and it was part of the series on the family.  Jessie’s Sunday School lesson was on Joseph.

Son-in-law and I went out on a delivery.

We got the charcoal briquettes glowing red hot and cooked an entire pork loin that had been cut into fatty portions and chops.  We seasoned half the meat with mesquite and half with Mrs. Dash.  We had leftover pasta.  We added salad and corn and something I can’t remember.  Jessie’s favorite church shoes bit the dust.

Lunch was yummy.  Too bad you missed out.

After lunch, we made lemon cookies and pasta salad for the violin recital.

So, we had been stockpiling dishes all week-end in the dishwasher, because the kitchen drain was barely draining.  So, while we made pasta and cookies, we decided to run the dishwasher.  Bad move.  The dishwasher drains into the drain on this side of the clog.  So, the bottom of the dishwasher door became a small version of Niagara Falls.  What a mess.  In the end, one crew cooked, and two of the men washed dishes in the basement laundry tub.

The recital was at 4:30pm.  Our family had twelve representatives.  There were about twenty people who played a violin piece.  Jessie was too adorable.  Jessie’s grandma gave her a rose.  The food at the reception after was more plentiful that a Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.  The couple from Georgia headed south on their long journey and Monday jobs.  Sister headed north to the home graciously opened for her and her Monday morning job.  Other family members went their ways.

Monday night, I backed out of the driveway and ht a car parked directly across the street.  The owner of the car was very kind.

Day 166 had been a really outstanding day.

Blessings:  It had been a long and full day.  There was worship.  There was family.  There was food.  There was a backed-up drain and a flooded floor.  There was the recital.  There was more food.  As Americans, we are such spoiled people.  And, I am one of the most spoiled.  Thank you, God for all of your mercies.


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