Day 162 (November 11, 2015)

162 School Prep copy

I am grateful to veterans, like my dad, who served in this country’s military during time of war.  Those good folks deserve our honor.

I rose early and edited the book.

Jessie’s toenails needed cut.  So, we cut them.

We started doing spelling on TuesdayOn Wednesday, we started recording the new words in a notebook (Dog, Ran, The, Cat, Is, Mat, On).  So far, she had 100% on spelling.  We did biology (giraffe, camel, some other mammal, all herbivores).  All other school subjects continue to hum along.  I am impressed that we can add or modify a school subject which may make Jessie’s day longer, and she doesn’t protest.

The mortar guys came.  They built a scaffold next to the other chimney.  Once up there, they discovered that the structure needs more tuckpointing than we imagined.  So, the price on the work went up.  I climbed up to look at the flashing on the back side of the chimney.  The mortar guys started on fixing the underside of the cistern.  They are grinding out the concrete.  Jessie’s sister had treated the exposed and rusting re-bar with a chemical which changes rust through a catalytic process.  The guys at the supply house suggested we water-seal the top of the cistern, which is near the front stoop.

Jessie and I worked on closets.  We got as much work done as we could based on how far along the closets are and based on where we are with drywall and painting.

We went shopping at Kohl’s, Lowe’s, and J. C. Penny.  We took advantage of Veterans’ Day sales.

When we got home, we made a couple of phone calls.  We watched a few Muppet videos on Youtube.  We transitioned toward bed time.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  We transitioned toward ending day 162.  Jessie read after taps and so I let her turn out the light.

Blessings:  The fact that God designed our toenails to grow less rapidly than our finger nails. Getting the necessary work done on the other chimney while the scaffold is in place.  Dogs that run and cats that are on mats.  Veterans’ Day sales.  Veterans.  The God of all grace.

A pair of quotes from Little Princes:

Despite myself, I had become a parent to these kids—not because I was qualified, but because I had showed up.

We took enormous pleasure in recounting something a particular child had done, at how predictable they were and yet how they could continue to surprise us.  It made each day completely different, and, at the same time, exactly the same.


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