Day 160 (November 9, 2015)

160 Radiator copy

I got up at the usual time (a bit before actually), but found that I could scarcely stay awake all day.  In the early morn, I caught up with blog.  I was about a week behind.  I did my weekly shopping via the Sunday ads, which is a typical Monday thing for me.  I did three loads of laundry (somebody had an accident.  I won’t say if it was me or Jessie.  Note to self:  get some more Attends).  I blew it and didn’t get to morning Bible reading for myself.  I put tools away.

Jessie was up at 7:12am.  Since we’re back upstairs, it’s possible to do a legitimate “Chariots of Fire”/get dressed/make bed/brush teeth again.  Breakfast was biscuit with apple butter.  Jessie was missing the apple butter, but we are using up the plum jam before opening a second jar.  By virtue of having company, two jars are once again open and Jessie is the benefactor.

It was a good day of school.  Jessie posted 100%’s on all her FlashMasters, level 9 addition and level 2 subtraction.  She got 100%’s on both Saxon math’s and timed quizzes.  She’s in the Third McGuffey Reader now.  We’ll need to add spelling soon.  There’s some spelling with the AlphaPhonics CD, but we need to add a formal subject of spelling.  Last week we finished safety, so Monday we started geography.  We had the second week’s lesson of mammals in biology (Hippos, Foxes, and Zebras).  We used the in-house encyclopedia, filled out the lapbook, and went to the library and got/read four supplemental books.  Have you read Hiccupopotamus?  It’s delightful.

Jessie’s snack was raisins.  Her lunch was a soft taco with meat.

After lunch, Jessie and I installed the In-sider storm windows we’d bought for the leaded glass windows off the master bedroom dressing room.  They fit as if they were custom made (which they were).  We then measured the solarium windows so we can order custom storms for them.  We had to wait until the exterior frames were wrapped in aluminum, which they were last Thursday.

We headed for Menard’s, returned $100 of stuff and bought $800 of stuff.  Somehow it seems as if they might be winning at this game.  The eight hundred went for the custom storm windows.  If they’re as nice as the leaded glass storms, they’ll be worth it.

Then, it was time for Jessie’s violin lesson.  T-minus six days until the recital.

Supper was grilled pork and salad with grilled chicken.  Then, there was the ever-present task of washing dishes.

There was some fun stuff.  We read the four aforementioned hippo/fox/zebra books.  I must confess that there was some tickling.  And some giggling.  Which only led to more tickling.  And that was followed with giggling.

We went upstairs right at 8:00pm.  We read Bible.  We prayed.  We read Anne of Green Gables until my eyelids shut involuntarily (after three sentences).  Taps and lights out.  Day 159’s over.

Blessings:  Tickling and giggling.  The Cincinnati Public Library.  Larson custom storm windows (in both the In-sider and Picture Window varieties).  More things done from the to-do list.  A God who forgives me for missing my personal Bible reading and lets me awake the next morning to read three days worth of Bible.


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