Day 155 (November 4, 2015)

155 Oatmeal copy

I got up early and put a third coat of paint on the stops.  Then, I started installing them with temporary drywall screws.  I got Jessie up at 7:00am.  She now is into the spirit of Chariots of Fire and hurries to get around.  If she’s not quite ready, we start the music over so she always wins.

School proceeded as normal.  So, whatever percentage daily schooling adds to her smartness was added to Jessie’s personhood.

The windows guys weren’t here by the time we finished school, so I started on replacing the window sill outside the master bedroom.  As previously mentioned, it hadwas rotted away because it sat in water on a 4ft by 5ft flat roof.  The last we visited that roof in our blog, Jessie took pictures of us cleaning that roof and removing the old sill.  In the interim, we bought a 2x4x4 piece of cedar. Since the sill will be wrapped in aluminum coil by the window guys, we needed to get the new sill in place.  Jessie thought it incumbent to take pictures again.  She took nearly 500 pictures of the event (lasting about an hour) and five videos.  One particularly captivating video is of my rear end (I would have said butt, but some readers are younger).  I filled the cavity behind the sill with three tubes of caulk which won’t entirely cure until President Obama finishes his 92nd term.  Anyway, we did a really great job and our work will soon be entirely hidden under Royal Brown PVC-coated aluminum coil stock.  And, the whole operation has been saved frame-by-frame by Jessie for posterity.

The window guys came at 2:00pm, so we vacated the property.  During the afternoon, we ran errands.  We went to Sears, Lowe’s, US Bank, Aldi’s, and Meijer.  We loaded up some shelves from storage.

We revisited the house at 5:00pm and the window guys were leaving.  They had all the windows installed but four.  Jessie practiced violin.  But, they had no coil work done.  I distinctly remember the company owner telling me they’d install the windows without pulling the stops.  Fortunately, since the installers ignored their boss and re-pulled the stops I’d just temporarily re-installed, there was no split wood.

It was an incredibly beautiful day so we went on an extra-long walk (an hour).

The trash metal gatherers came and we had a large haul for them.  I got their phone number so they can get the canopies when the time comes.

We talked to three of Jessie’s siblings on the phone.

We’ll let the rest of day 155 disappear from memory and blog, except to say that we read Bible and prayed and thanked God for His watchcare.

Blessings:  New windows!  Jessie the shutterbug.  Going on a long walk.  Again, being the recipient of God’s blessing even though I don’t deserve it.


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