Day 152 (November 1, 2015)

152 Blue Dress copy

I was up at a typical time, which is to say that my body hasn’t adjusted to time change yet.  I did some Sunday morn shopping online, which reminded me I wanted to do some pre-church shopping.  So, I took my shower and dried my hair.  To dry my hair, I had to use the LED lantern to find the upstairs extension cord to plug in my hair dryer.  By the way, I forgot to mention yesterday that the second floor has virtually no electricity, so everything is being done by extension cord and power bar.  We are blessed in that there are three different circuits in the dining room, and two of three are hot.  So, we are living on dining room power.  On the lower side of reality (the basement), my laptop is currently being powered by the laundry room. But, back to the matters at hand.

So, I woke Jessie’s sister’s friend.  Let’s just say that he’s not a morning sort of guy.  We headed out and went to four stores.  Due to time change, two were closed.  At Meijer, we got bananas, eggs, and twenty-two other items on their buy-ten-get-the-eleventh-free sale.  We got polish sausage, bread, a bag of onions, mushrooms, cake mix, and one or two others things.  At Kroger, we got Halloween candy at half price.

Of course you know we go to early church service at 8:30am and leave at 8:00am to get there so you can do the math about what time we were out grocery shopping on a Sunday morn,

After putting groceries away, I made over-easy eggs for everyone.  Tabasco is the new norm for Jessie and her eggs.

We went to church in sister’s car.

The morning sermon was on the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden, sin, and the crushing of Satan’s head when Jesus died on the cross and rose.  The text was Genesis 3.

We left church to go home and Jessie, sister, and friend stayed for Sunday School.  Jessie made a new friend named Emma.  She said the lesson was on Abram and Sarai, their name changes to Abraham and Sarah, and God’s promises to Abraham.  Jessie said the boys in class were loud.  Jessie came home with a paper chain craft.  On the way home, Jessie’s car stopped to help clean up the trash that had accumulated around Billy our homeless friend’s corner.

Lunch was spicy Thai pork, leftover curry, leftover sweet n sour pork, salad, corn, rice, and Halloween candy.

Sister’s friend left.

The remaining campers:  1. Made final decisions on paint colors based on my niece’s suggestions and 2. Rewired a 220w antique lamp for a missionary who served in Chile.  How I came to be doing this is a fun side-story I won’t digress to tell.

In the course of the afternoon, it was decided that the window frames would be painted two colors.  I’m all good with that.  I suggested we remove and paint the window stops before the replacement windows are installed on Wednesday/Thursday.  To remove the stops is a labor-intensive filthy project that takes fifteen minutes per window.  So, we jumped in at 4:00pm.  We listened to Christmas music.  Four hours later, forty-eight pieces of wood were neatly stacked beside their windows and we were tired out of our minds and dirty as all get-out.

I washed up, and put Jessie and myself to bed.  Jessie jumped on me on my mattress on the floor and acted like she was going to steal my bed.  In the end, she played a bit and was tucked in in her own bed.  But, we didn’t quit day 152 without praying and reading Psalms 1-3.

Blessings:  Weekly worship.  If there was uninterrupted work on the house I think I’d go crazy.  If I couldn’t get back to all those unfinished work projects on Monday, I think I’d go crazy.   A fun week-end for Jessie filled with faces other than mine, food, family, and friends.  Seven out of eight closets painted and ready to have closet rods and shelves installed.  Getting started on windows.  Listening to Christmas music almost before the retailers have started retailing the event.


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