Day 151 (October 31, 2015)

151 Red Riding Hood copy

I got up at early.  I blogged until 6:45 and got Jessie and sister up 15 minutes early.  After breakfast, the three of us cleaned, organized, and got ready for the first visit of one of my family members.  A friend of Jessie’s sister arrived at some point and joined the fun and frolic.

We got pert near ready by the time my brother and his crew arrived.  I showed my sister-in-law around the house. My sister-in-law is a sweetheart who worries about me.  Their daughter is just sweet and I’m just getting to know her hubby.  My brother is a guy with nervous energy who works three times harder/longer than most people.  And, so we commenced to work.  We prepped the seven closets that needed painting.  We finished prepping the pantry. Everyone helped prep then took on various painting areas without any master plan.  My niece and her husband painted the basement pantry and it looks like a new room.  My brother out-painted everyone upstairs in the seven closets.  My sister-in-law played with Jessie, which is what I hoped would happen with those two.

Jessie’s grandpa stopped by.

For lunch, they ordered pizza and had it delivered.  We all sat on the floor in the dining room to eat.  My sister-in-law had sense and brought in a chair.

Back to work.

The closets required two coats of paint because of the drywall mud.

Somewhere in there, the drywall duo came and skimcoated the entryway.  Jessie and Mrs. Drywall played on Jessie’s swing.

Hasn’t this fall weather been incredible?  The weatherman can talk about storm systems in the Gulf.  I’d rather thank God.

At its peak, the workforce was eight.  In mid to late afternoon, people began to drift away in pairs.  We finally got down to the final four that would spend the night, but not before seven closets and one pantry were painted and an entryway and stairwell were skimcoated and the house had once again been filled with people and laughter.

I can’t thank everyone (nor God) enough.

Before my niece left, she helped pick colors.  She has a knack for that sort of thing and does it professionally.

There was a rush among the final four to finish the cleanup, eat supper (leftover curry), dress Jessie, and get out of the house for Trick or Treat.

Miss Jessie as Little Red Riding Hood got the most votes for the category of “Isn’t she adorable?” at the houses in the neighborhood.  The neighbors really put some effort into handing out candy.  At half the houses, the neighbors are on lawn chairs waiting for the beggars.  Often, neighbors are clumped together at one house.  We also scored a Trunk or Treat at the church parking lot where Jessie takes violin lessons.  Jessie had a lot of fun.

After harvesting up the local cacao beans and sugar (and other confections that don’t matter), the four of us went on a cookie-delivery-run.

When we got home, all were tired.  Well, they’re all young, so they probably weren’t tired.  But, I was tired, and I don’t mind speaking for them.  So, we read Bible, prayed, read Anne, and after setting the stove clock back an hour, we quit day 151, and settled into bed for an extra hour of sleep.

Blessings:  Sixteen extra hands.  Sixteen extra eyes.  Eight extra hearts.  All helping make a home for Jessie.


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