Day 148 (October 28, 2015)

148 Unhappy copy

We’ve had solid rain for two days.  We needed rain.  And, I’m not complaining.  The folks in Mexico and Texas who got Hurricane Patricia had real problems.  Our rain is just a pleasant downpour.  Anyway, I was able to look in the bedroom closet and see that the flashing around the right chimney is in good repair.  Before the drywallers re-did the plaster, there was evidence of significant water damage from leakage around the chimney.  And, the ceiling damage in the solarium seems to be past tense, too.  So, the good news is that two places that showed former evidence of water damage were repaired in the past.  Also, since the drywallers have completely fixed the closet under the chimney flashing and since we took the ceiling down in the solarium and will replace it with a new ceiling, both of the damage spots will have been repired.  It just gives peace of mind to know the underlying causes have been addressed.  On the other side of the ledger, there is a minor water leak at the foundation of the house on the right side in the basement.  I noticed some paint was missing down there but had thought nothing of it.  Fortunately, the dirt on that side of the house is only about four feet deep.  So, when spring comes and it’s time to put a drain against the footer, it’ll not be that deep a dig.  Unfortunately, Mr. Reis’ stone walkways around that side of the house and Mrs. Reis’ shrubs against the foundations will both need to be sacrificed.

The second thing I did, after turning on the heat so it’d be warm for Jessie, was to clean the toilets.  I didn’t have a toilet brush in the house until Jessie’s sister got me one as a housewarming gift.  I had toilet bowl cleaner, but didn’t have a brush.  Now, when I visit the little boys’ room, I won’t feel that pang of guilt when I see the porcelain fixture in it’s dirty state.  Of course, during construction, there are ten thousand other dirty places (not our beds, bedding, clothes, or bodies, mind you), but at least the ever-needed white bathroom fixture is clean in a sea of dust.

I made a red chicken curry.  I peeled potatoes for the curry and put the peelings in the garbage disposal.  The disposal sounded like it had nuts and bolds in it.  As it ran, a screw came flying out of the hole.  I turned it off and on, and half the metal clanking sound was gone.  I looked down the hatch, squeezed my hand in, and retrieved a nail (yes, it was turned off).  Then I turned it on and it purred like a kitten.  No metal clanging.  One more thing in the house on the rehabilitated list.

Jessie’s school went really well.  She got 100% on her first time through level 8 on FlashMaster.  We added some to our biology lesson on camouflage and looked at some examples online.  She is doing noticieably better in handwriting.  Her violin practice went really well, too.

After school, I went to the glass block place to get our two custom windows and I went to Menards to get paint.

We started the installation of the last two glass block windows about 2:30.  We stopped for supper about 5:00pm.  The curry was excellent.  We got the windows to the drying stage about 7:15pm.

We went for a longer walk.

We put out the trash.  Our faithful friends picked up the scrap metal.

I made three phone calls.  For two, I left messages.  I talked to Jessie’s sister briefly.

We read Anne of Green Gables.  She has finished her first year as a school principal.  She’s headed back to Green Gables for the summer.  We read Psalms 136, 137, and 138.  God’s righteousness endures forever.  There’s a Scripture Memory Song about that.  And, don’t ask the Jews to sing their songs while in captivity in Babylon.  It’s not good for the babies.

We prayed.  Our prayers have a consistent theme.  It seemed to both of us that it was time to end day 148.  Taps.

Blessings:  Clean toilets.  Dirty toilets bug me.  Really good curry.  Having all six glass block windows installed.  Rain.  No water leaks in two out of three places.  God’s righteousness that endures forever.


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