Day 147 (October 27, 2015)

147 Money Jar copy

I was up at the average time, 4:30am.  I made de-caf tea.  I’ll find the herbal at a give-way price yet.  I reviewed the to-do list for the day.

Jessie’s breakfast was an easy-over egg.  She asked me to share my tabasco sauce.  She’s been eating it on and off on her crackers with her Cincinnati chili.  So, the egg was a new but familiar step.  She loved it.  So, not unlike her siblings, Jessie seems destined toward the spicy.

School went extremely well.  Like all teachers, there are days you want to pull out your hair (no comments about my balding).  But, the good days, when they come, are pleasant.  And, most days with Jessie are good.

After school, I took the over-the-range microwave down.  I discovered a second fuse and it’s o.k., too.  So, it’s looking like the microwave is terminal.  That’s o.k.  Our counter-top microwave is working like a champ.

After school, we took Jessie to a field trip at the local aquarium.  There were having special days and special prices for two days for homeschooling families.  Going to the aquarium dovetailed perfectly with our biology lessons.  The past two weeks, we studied habitats.  The next twenty weeks we’ll be studying species and classifications.  So, before we went, I reviewed with Jessie the classifications of animals we’ll be studying and that we’d be seeing (mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, invertebrates).

I had been to aquariums and Sea World before, but nothing prepared me for the visit to this aquarium.  I was completely in awe of at least two things.  1. The amazing creativity of God in terms of the animals we saw.  2. The amazingness of God’s creation of humankind in His image as seen in a child like Jessie, looking at the animals.

I’ve seen unique animals in my day, but the creators of this aquarium have successfully arranged their animals for maximum impact.  As I saw wonderment after wonderment, I couldn’t help but be in wonder of God (Romans 1:18-28).  I have been to a creation museum, but for my part, this aquarium is ten times more effective in proving the existence of a Creator than the other.  I felt like a child as I was utterly blown away by the creativity of my Father.

On the way home, we passed Billy the homeless man.  He was faithfully standing in the rain.  I wound down the window to say hi.  He said he was hungry.  I drove home and made him two grilled cheese and tomato soup, but by the time we got back, he was gone.  I prayed that he didn’t go to bed that night hungry.

At home, we ate hot and sour soup and Billy’s grilled cheese.

Jessie practiced her violin.  It’s just about two weeks until her recital.

I collected firewood in the rain.  I made a fire in the fireplace.  We roasted marshmallows and read Anne of Green Gables and listened to the rain.

After Bible and prayer, we went to sleep about 8:30pm thanking God for day147.

Blessings:  Somewhere in the rain is a homeless man named Billy and I’m in my dry house, thinking about God’s amazing creation, sitting on a couch under a blanket, reading a book to my daughter, listening to the rain, and eating marshmallows in front of a crackling fire.


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