Day 146 (October 26, 2015)

146 Math Table copy

I got up at 5:30am.  I sure miss my morning jog.  But, into each season of life come unique opportunities and blessings.  I read Bible and did a few odds and ends.  I wrote two days of blog.

I got Jessie up at 7:30am, a half hour late.  She breakfasted.  We listened to her Suzuki CD (as we do six mornings a week).  School went well.  We got the first week of history finished.  It was on Native Americans.  I think I’ll follow it up with a field trip next week to the Serpent Mound.  I’ll check with her teacher and get it approved with the school principal (aka, me).  The next week’s lesson is on Christopher Columbus.

I called the windows installer.  The trim coil was supposed to arrive on Friday.  It didn’t.  He said he’d call back with details about the trim coil and windows.  He didn’t.

After school, I made hot and sour soup.  I used up the last of the ground pork, the last of the mushrooms, and the last of the tofu.  This batch is better than the last batch.

Jessie’s snack was raisins.

I fired up the chipper shredder and ran it for two hours.  One big chunk of wood at the end stalled it out.  But, I was low on gas and both my roller dumpsters were filled to capacity with the chipped mulch.  There is a small pile of branches left.  In getting out the chipper shredder I re-found the seat to an old rocking chair and a roller can without rollers.  They’ll go off to the Island of Misfit House Refuse on Thursday.

We got more milk (this week we got four gallons since we went through six gallons last week).  We returned two things to Lowes.  We got battered fish fillets for Jessie.  She had been asking for fish sticks, so I decided to give her one step up.  Maybe the third step will be real fish without the breading.  I got Tomato Soup (the namesake variety, of course).  Unfortunately, the tomato soup I canned is all gone.  Maybe next summer.

Jessie went to violin lesson.  She did well on the piece she will play at recital.  Jessie gave her violin teacher one of the Thanksgiving wreaths she made.  After violin, we ate hot and sour soup and fish fillets.  We went to Ollie’s.  If you don’t know Ollie’s, it’s a kind of a surplus store.  They had advertised that they had paint, but did not advertise the brand.  I had just paid for a month of Consumer’s Reports that morning to help me pick paint.  Ollie’s had the Valspar top-of-the-line $44.00 a gallon stuff for $19.88.  I was tickled pink and bought eight gallons of white.  That paint is rated number two by Consumer’s Reports.  I’m hoping to get the closets on the second floor all painted this Saturday.  I bought snacks.  I bought ice cream for Jessie.  I bought construction paper for Jessie.  I bought de-caf tea for me.

Back at the house, Jessie and I had ice cream.  We talked two both of Jessie’s brothers on the phone.

We read the Bible.  We prayed.  Jessie put on fuzzy footy p.j.’s.  I didn’t.  We both brushed teeth.  We had wrung all the life out of day 146 that we could.

Blessings:  The best paint for half the price.  Our closets will be superb.  The near-finishment of the back yard clean-up.  The end in sight for the removal of the house trash.  Seeing the happiness that Jessie brings to people when she gives away a wreath she made as a craft


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