Day 144 (October 24, 2015)

144 Leaf Raking copy

Long day.  I was up early and made Sunday lunch (sweet and sour pork).  Since I needed to return two of the glass block panels and since I needed more glass block mortar, I headed for Menards early (they open at 6:30am).  When I got back, we had a work crew of three in gear (Jessie being number three).  I added myself to the mix and we set to the tasks at hand.  We tore out the two remaining basement window frames.  Then, we shimmed the last two glass block windows.  We pulled the shims from window number two, set on Friday and finished putting the mortar in it.  Jessie’s grandpa stopped and he even helped set/shim a window.  Meanwhile, the other work crew (Jessie’s sister’s friend and Jessie) continued to pull floor nails in the attic.  After we ran out of mortar, I shifted crews to the attic.  I installed the new belt on the whole house fan and, great news, the motor isn’t losing a bearing.  It was the old fan belt that was missing chunks of rubber that made the mechanism sound off.  The attic fan is up and running just in time to be put to bed for the winter.  Since the nails were pulled around the fan vent in the second floor ceiling, I could shift some of the wiring and put it under the floor boards (the wiring box was previously sticking up into the attic for no apparent reason).  Sine the floors around the fan louver were now fixed, we could commence to insulating the louvers.  I put in 6-1/2 of fiberglass with the facing toward the living space.  I added a pre-cut piece of rigid 2in foam and jammed fiberglass strips around the edges.  I added another 2in pink panel on that and insulated the edges again.  Then, I added the 42in by 42in piece of pre-cut 1/2in plywood to the hole.  Voilá, I now have overkill in terms on attic vent insulation.  Because of the location of that ceiling louver in the middle of the stairway landing hallway, we would have lost massive amounts of heat.  Now, that four-foot square area is the most insulated spot in the house.  And, we have access to the attic wiring to get that upgraded.  Now, all we need do is:  1. Finish pulling the nails in the attic floor boards and replace then with drywall screws.  2. Upgrade all the attic and second floor wiring.  And, 3. Fill all the cavities under the attic floorboards with more cellulose.  Then, the attic will be ready for winter.

Supper was leftover ham.  We added baked potatoes and other sides.  We finished the ham so we need not see that leftover again.

The drywallers were back and in one more visit they will have 100% of the second floor taped, mudded, skim coated, and sanded.  In other words, we can move back in to that space soon.

Miss Jessie got an early bath and put on her Red Riding Hood outfit.  We hit a Halloween trunk or treat at a local church.  It was spitting rain, so the trunk was not in the car trunk but rather in the church fellowship hall.

We revisited Menards to pick up a storm door for a friend.  I had special ordered it a few weeks before.

We went back to the house.  Jessie finished her supper and was allowed to eat some of her Halloween treats.  She chose Cheese-its.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We went to bed.  Day 144 was signed, sealed, and delivered.

Blessings:  Lots of prep time and many trips to Menards, but having four glass block panels in is a major blessing.  More light in the basement.  It virtually eliminates the bugs.  A warmer basement.  And a warmer basement beans a warmer space above it.  The completion of the projects involving the attic whole house fan.  Getting the wining under the flooring.  Getting the fan louvers insulated.  Having the attic better insulated means having a warmer space below it.  Finishing off the ham.  Jessie as Little Red Riding Hood.


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