Day 143 (October 23, 2015)

143 Grinder copy

Jessie was up at 7:00am and Friday is bath day.  So, I drew her water, got her clothes together, and played Chariots.  There was intermittent whining followed by some splashing.

Breakfast was French toast and banana.  I don’t know if I’ve editorialized on this one or not, but if your mom put cinnamon in your French toast, your mom was evil.  Just sayin.  If your mom was evil, I hope you haven’t passed such evil on to your kids.  Just sayin.

Jessie’s sister was coming to town in the am to get her eyes looked at.  So, Jessie’s grandpa joined us and we headed for the doctor’s office.

The television at the doctor’s office had Jerry Springer on.  I didn’t know he was still around.  They bragged that they’ve been on the air for 25 years.  Of course I was joking about the French toast and cinnamon.  If you’re watching Jerry Springer even five minutes once a year. . . .  I had to get Jessie out of there.  We did school in the car while sister was having her eyes looked at.

We stopped by Menards.  We didn’t need anything.  We knew that if we didn’t stop by they’d worry and probably send us a card.  Anyway, I picked up cedar for the closets.

We got back to the house about noon.  The masonry guys (not to be confused with the Piano Guys) were hard at it.  Yesterday they ground out the mortar on the four sides of the wing walls.  Today, they were tuckpointing.  They are doing a great job and by all indications the mortar looks like it’s going to match perfectly when it dries.  They “raked” the joints so it will match the house.

I borrowed the mortar men’s grinder and took out a basement window.  The previous owners had installed storm windows outside the old basement windows.  So, it was twice the work to get one set of windows out.  When removed, I found that the first glass block panel was too small.  I re-checked all six window openings, and two are larger than previously thought.  I called the block store and ordered two new ones.  I can take back two to Menards.  So, I took out the windows for the dryer vent window.  The custom block panel I bought for there fit fine, so I shimmed it and mixed the mortar.  I tried using a garbage bag as a mortar bag and the results were so-so.  I made a dryer mix of mortar the second time and just pressed it in the second batch.  That worked better.

Jesse’s sister alternated between playing gofer and inside window holder for me and having Jessie help rake leaves.

Meanwhile, the drywall guys came (not to be confused with the mortar guys or the Piano guys).  They went to work sanding upstairs.

The mortar guys finished off the rice krispie treats.

The mortar guys continued to press in mortar and we continued to work on glass block.

Supper was ham, potatoes, corn, and peppers.

Since there was extra mortar, we plunged into a second window, even though it was late in the afternoon.  We got the window frame prepped and the window set and shimmed.  We used the rest of the mortar and let it sit unfinished for the night.

Meanwhile, Cleo the cat found the 32in by 24in opening for the basement window that was oversized and thought it the most convenient pet door.  She entered and exited several times.  Before the night was over, I used the leftover 2in pink rigid foam and duct tape to fill the hole.  Cleo the cat looked visibly sad.

We cleaned up the tools and headed in.  Rather than waste a perfect night, we went for a walk.  With Jessie’s sister along, it was closer to a jog than a stroll.

Jessie and sister took the beds and I took the couch.  But, before that, we brushed teeth, read Bible and prayed.  Much was accomplished, but it had come time for a needed rest, and day 143 was over for us.

Blessings:  Jessie’s sister, The fact that Jessie’s sister didn’t need more eye surgery, Jessie’s grandpa, Glass block companies you can call and get custom orders pronto, Glass block windows that fit, Meals that have been prepared days ahead and frozen so you can feed workers pronto, French toast without cinnamon, Having almost two glass block windows done, The thought of a world where people come to God and they neither have the issues necessary to appear on Jerry Springer nor are there people who choose to watch the same, the mortar guys, the drywall guys, the music of the Piano Guys (, their faith . . . not so much, but their music is incredible.


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