Day 140 (October 20, 2015)

140 History Books copy

I slept in til 5am.  You can tell when I sleep in a lot.  The blog is behind.  I talked to one of Jessie’s siblings early in the day, so Jessie got to sleep in, too.

I don’t write about many of the details about school but rest assured that we don’t miss school on any day.  Jessie is making visible progress in math.  Most of her Saxon pages are 100%.  She is much more confident in taking timed tests.  She still gets stickers on her pages when she does well.  I really like the subjects we’ve added, even if they add more time to the day.  Jessie has nearly mastered counting money and telling tome on an analog clock (think record turntable).  She’s added subtraction to her FlashMaster.  All in all, her teacher gives her high marks in all her subjects and especially in her growth in facing new challenges.

And, Anne’s romantic and professional life is going well, too.  Anne is now a school principal and she has befriended the clannish Pringle family.  So, her life is going well, too.

The small setbacks in the house are being resolved one-by-one (although the old microwave my be irreparable).  Small things, like repairing the front coach light, show slow but steady progress.  I replaced, pointed, and glazed the broken glass pane in the front storm door.  We are keeping a steady stream of building materials coming into the house.  And, we have lined up all the contractors but one.

The drywall folk came back Tuesday night and continue to make great progress on the second floor.

I tore apart the vanity cabinet and discovered the kick-plate heater is tied into the boiler system and it kicks on via thermostat when the boiler water heats up and circulates.  I am utterly impressed with the system.  Who needs heating coils under your tile when warm air is blowing on your toes when you’re sitting on the toilet?  I’m not kidding.

I had a Tuesday doctor appointment.  My blood pressure is great.  He diagnosed the arthritis in my pinkie joint as osteo.  There’s no treatment.  It’s just part of life (James 1:2).  The pain is insignificant (now) and I’ve been blessed with great health so far.  So, I shan’t complain.

After supper and after the drywallers left, we went for a walk.  For the second time, we left the stroller behind.

I called one of the siblings who had a mid-term test that day.

Bed was preceded by Bible and prayer, and we bid farewell to day 140.

Blessings:  An amazing house in which the loving work of the former owners is evident, Progress in the day-to-day work of giving this old house a facelift, Jessie’s progress in school and her growth in her character, That Anne Shirley has successfully won over the combative Pringles, That, with God, real life can be successful like a good book of fiction.


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