Day 139 (October 19, 2015)

139 Yarn copy 139 Yarn2

I started the morning early.  I got some writing started.  I fixed the pull-down attic stairway.  I did laundry.

Jessie was up at 7:00am.  Breakfast was biscuits.  We had gotten milk on Sunday so we weren’t without as we usually are on Monday morning.  Of course, Jessie complained about the bite of banana.

Monday we had two electrical contractors in the house.  One was an old friend.  He thought we could slowly restore the wiring, at a sane pace, and he was willing to lead on the work.  I called the third contractor and cancelled his visit.

Jessie was cold so I ran the boiler.  The radiator covers worked really well.  The tops are cool, while the heat rolls out the fronts.

I heard a motor sound in the bathroom and tried for hours to figure out what it was.  Finally, I found a fan and heater in the kick plate of the bathroom vanity.  It was pouring out heat into that room.

Jessie’s school was interrupted all morn by the needs of contractor chaos, but we got through it.

In the afternoon, we made a trip to Menards.

We ate at Skyline.

We picked up more books at the library that coordinate with her American History and Biology.  This was a needed addition to our repertoire.  Jessie needed books to read while I was busy doing tasks around the house and she’s read Little House through twice.  Now, she’s reading about Native Americans, the settling of America, and mammals.

Violin lesson went really well.

We talked to several of Jessie’s college siblings.

We read Bible.  We prayed.  We brushed teeth.  Day 139 was over and the school week begun.

Blessings:  Settling on a plan for fixing the electrical deficiencies, Having dealt with asbestos, lead-based paint, a total lack of smoke alarms, two gas leaks in the pipes, and now the evil knob and tube wiring . . . how many potential disasters can one survive?  Adding good reading to Jessie’s free time, Radiator heating for the second time in my life (eat your heart out all you people with forced air).


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