Day 136 (October 16, 2015)

136 School copy

I knew that Friday was going to be a long day and Saturday even longer, So I forced myself to go back to sleep after I rose at the regular time.  I woke up at 6:30, just a half-hour before Jessie.

In my sleep, I came up with a workable plan for the electrical wiring.  I took off the face of the panel box and the face of the j-box with all the tube and knob in it (11 circuits in one regular size octagonal box . . . how crazy is that?), and I think my plan has merit.  I’ll keep you posted.  I tore apart the walls of the most cluttered closet.  I’m taking down all the haphazard, old wood so I can get the cracks repaired and make them all likes new.  Closets are important in my world.  I took a hammer to the ceiling in the classroom.  The doorway has plastic, so the room is isolated.  The ceiling is old pressboard with loose, “wool” insulation above it.  It’s no wonder the corner is curled down.  When that old pressboard has any moisture, it expands and never dries out.  So, I see the scope of that project.  So, what did you do with the first half-hour of your morning today?

I got Jessie up with Chariots of Fire.  Friday is a bath day, so she smelled good again.  I’m learning to do a ponytail that’s higher on her head.  The lower ones fall out too quickly.

Breakfast was biscuits and plum jelly.  If you come by, I have plenty of Pear Honey and Jalapeno jelly canned.  The pears came from a friend and we grew the jalapenos.  I’d be glad to give you a jar of each.

The drywall guy called and is coming tonight, a day early.  Good news:  I have lots of supper left over from the birthday party.  I just need to get the eight closets deconstructed and the ceiling down and four sheets of green board in the house before 6:00pm.

More good news:  school was a smooth as silk.

I forgot.  Yesterday, (Thursday), Jessie brought me a seed from a redbud tree.  So, we found another, planted two seeds, and put the cup in our garden window in the kitchen.

I forgot.  Yesterday, (Thursday), The entire family Skyped for the first time.  One group was on cell phone so we didn’t get to see them on video.  But, at one time or another, in the course of the conversation, everyone was there.  I originally planned it for grandpa’s birthday, but you know old people.  They don’t like to drive after dark.  So, it was his loss.  The rest of us enjoyed being a family for about an hour using cyber technology.

So, we finished school by noon, and ate lunch, and got to the challenge of the day.

Well, I took the ceiling in the schoolroom down.  The family that lived here called it their solarium.  My grandmother had a solarium, so I like that old-fashioned name better.  It took a couple hours to get the ceiling on the floor and it took nine 55-gallon garbage bags to get it cleaned up.  Interestingly, the ceiling is newer than the other walls and ceilings.  The solarium I had correctly surmised used to be part of the original front porch.  Also, the ceiling gives access to a lot of the second floor and a chase to the attic.

Next, I turned to tearing apart the closets.  I got six of eight done.  A few of the walls have “bubbles” of plaster and will need more work.

Alas, I didn’t get the green board in house.

A college-aged student stopped by with a petition for me to sign concerning the closing of more electric-generating coal plants.  She was very polite in citing the statistics she had just been taught that afternoon at a conference (she confessed).  I explained that I personally knew half dozen names of families who lost jobs because of electric generating plant closures.  She said alternative energy would create three times the number of jobs.  I explained that, in my last house, my electric bill doubled as they closed the plants.  She said her petition would result in a $3 savings every month.  Unfortunately, the kind young lady is too young to remember the original clean air act, and the scrubbers that were installed in the smoke stacks that were, we were told, guaranteed to only put out clean air.  My last house had geothermal heat, it had a solar attic fan, and 100% of my light bulbs were Leeds.  Not only that, but we partitioned off the house in winter to save energy.  She doesn’t know that the standards for clean air have been met and exceeded.  But, she’s young, and I know families that have lost jobs and I know my bill is larger than ever.  She thanked me for my time and we parted friends and her petition was lacking at least one signature.

The drywallers arrived and we ate supper and they diligently went to work.  I tore apart another closet and removed some more toe molding.  I also stepped on a nail (ouch).

The drywallers left and promised to return at 7:00am.  Jessie’s sister arrived.  A friend of hers arrived.

The third electrician called back and I have three Monday appointments (speaking of electricity).

It was time for bed.  We prayed.  We read from God’s Word, ever believing in His mercy and goodness.  With polished teeth and nightclothes upon us, Jessie and I and our two guests kissed day 136 good-bye and slept.

Blessings:  Friends who do drywall work who are willing to patiently re-plaster old closets, Sitting down to eat with old friends, Seeing amazing progress on the house, Living in an old house that was built with amazing craftsmanship and living in an era of microwave ovens, LED light bulbs, and geothermal heat, Enjoying the fruits of modern technology while having the years to appreciate old-fashioned values


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