Day 133 (October 13, 2015)

133 Selfie copy

I got Jessie up an hour early.  I had a routine bloodwork draw.  Afterwards, I got groceries.  Afterwards, we did school.  For whatever reason, it seems as if the chaos of yesterday bled over into this morning.

But, I noticed a dozen ways in which Jessie enriched my morning.  She insisted that we skip across the parking lot to the door of the grocery.  On the way out, Jessie insisted that I step in a water puddle on the asphalt.  We got across the parking lot, and Jessie tugged on my hand and insisted we go back.  She had seen a beautiful fall leaf and wanted to go back to retrieve it.  To say that Jessie fills my life with child-like wonder would be an understatement.  I am goal-oriented and trying to move ahead methodically with the day’s agenda, and Jessie is completely in the moment and loving the minutia of life.  In many ways, we are the odd couple.  Jessie breathes joy into the day-to-day.

In school, Jessie isn’t liking things that add up to 11, 12, 13, 14 and addition with nines.  So, I made flash cards.  School is an adjustment and modification daily to meet the new day’s challenges.

Jessie’s grandpa had cataract surgery in the afternoon.  We went to be supportive.  Jessie’s reading so fascinated two ladies in the waiting room that they insisted on learning all about Jessie.  One lady gives Suzuki piano lessons and so we talked about Jessie’s Suzuki violin lessons (Did you know, for example, that some of the violin pieces for first year are second year pieces on piano?  Me neither).

Jessie’s Grandpa’s eye surgery went well.

Jessie and I picked up our custom ordered glass block panel.  This one has a dryer vent.  Now, all I need is time to install the six of them.

We picked up the three ceiling fans.

We got wood putty, glazing tips, glaze, a roller pan, a piece of cedar (2x4x4), and some other stuff.

When we got back to the house, we started organizing Jessie’s new classes in American/Ohio History and Biology.  Here’s the website for the cool curriculum I mentioned:

We got word that our house failed the insurance inspection.  We must eliminate all the tube and knob electrical wiring.  Shades of the house we re-did twenty years ago.  It’s doable, but I’m twenty years older than the last time I went through that and this house is twenty years older than when I last did it.  I think it was Arnold Palmer who told his wife that he’d decided to give up golf because he was too old.  His wife told him that his golf clubs didn’t know how old he was.  I’m not entirely sure, but I think this house’s electrical wiring knows my age.  I have until December 5 to get the tube and knob issue resolved.

The rest of the evening fades into forgetfulness.  Busy school days because of added subjects.  Busy days cooking because I prefer foods that aren’t processed, not because I’m worried about BTH and monosodium glutinate, but because I like home-cooked foods.  Busy days because of house craziness.

Since it’s Friday when I’m writing this, I know that Tuesday ended.  Or, at least I think so.  So, day 133 must have ended.  I’m sure we read Bible and prayed.  After all, why not thank God?

Blessings:  House inspectors that find potential wiring problems (I’m trying to be thankful for the positives and the setbacks (James 1); Great new curriculum, Jessie’s grandpa’s successful surgery; Jessie’s ability to make the ordinary things in life extraordinary.


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