Day 127 (October 7, 2015)

127 Ladybug copy

Guess what we did Wednesday?  That’s right.  Jessie and I got up, ate breakfast and did school.  Oh yes, we read Bible and prayed, too.

In the afternoon, we worked at getting the yard waste in the back yard consolidated.  There was a lot of work getting the branches to the front of the house, and the smaller stuff was stuffed into two rolling dumpsters.  At this rate, it’ll take several months to get all the debris removed.  I caught a snake for Jessie and Jessie freaked.

I made more chicken and froze it.  Mushrooms are on sale again.  This chicken is pounded until thin, rolled in flower and seasonings, fried in a little olive oil, and garnished with a layer of seasoned mushrooms and a layer of sliced green olives.  It’s quite good.

We ended day 127 with hugs and Bible and prayers.

Blessings:  Progress toward the goal of having a house that can be used as a place for Jessie to grow up.  Scripture memory songs.  Mushrooms on sale.


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