Day 125 (October 5, 2015)

125 Pumpkin copy

Up and attem at 5:00am.  I did some Bible reading and editing and other stuff for the day.

Jessie was up and attem at 7:00am.  O.K., she was up but not very attem.  Breakfast was toast du François.  We read Bible.  So, Jessie was fed bodily and spiritually.  Her tank was full and she was ready to go.

Jessie is over her Monday-morning-whine-about-a-higher-level-of-Flash Master.  By doing it with her and by starting on Friday, rather than Monday, she’s less inclined to be unhappy.  In conjunction with the Bible lesson, I used a map in the back of the Bible.  We were talking about Jesus’ birth, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and the Flight to Egypt.  Jessie asked if she could repeat all six or seven steps, she spontaneously started giving a tour of Bible Lands.  She said that Gaza was where Sampson spent the night.  She said that Damascus was where Paul was.  I was flabbergasted.  She said she learned those things from her children’s Bible.  I was just shocked she remembered and could correctly identify the names with the places.

During school, Jessie’s brother called.

After school, we went to the store to get building supplies.  We ordered a glass block window with a dryer vent.  We bought PVC cleaner and glue, five glass block panels, glass block mortar, Rust Restorer, PVC fittings, a PVC adapter, two coach lights, and a host of other things (mesh tape for drywall, regular tape, etc).

When we got back, I plumbed the laundry tub drain so we could use the washing machine.  I got it done, but the tub drain had a leak or two above where I worked.  So, it’ll need more work.  I dismantled the electric box that quit working Saturday.  It has a wire that was missing insulation that shorted it out.  I checked out the other wires and everything else is fine.

We went and got supper.  After supper, we went to the library, to Lowe’s, and to the pharmacy.  We quickly baked a dozen cookies for Jessie’s violin teacher and headed for lesson.  After violin, Jessie wanted to go on a walk.  It was too beautiful a night to refuse.

Jessie brushed her teeth.  We read a little bit of Anne.  She’s remorseful about her estrangement from Gilbert.  We read Bible.  God is remorseful about our estrangement from Him.  But, God did something to fix it.  He set His Son to die for us.  After prayer thanking God for all His blessings and after praising Him and adding a few requests, we played taps, went to bed, and officially ended day 125.

Blessings:  Getting the week started on a positive note.  Talking to Jessie’s brother.  Being amazed that Jessie can do Bible cities at will, or almost at will.  Night after night of wonderful nights for a walk with Jessie.


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