Day 122 (October 2, 2015)

122 Hay Wagon copy

Friday, as ever, started early.  I made some really strong progress in writing/editing.

Jessie was up at 7am.  There were the sounds of Chariots of Fire and the sounds of the bathtub filling for Jessie’s bath.  Jessie decided to wear her new pink church dress for school.  The crazy thing is that if you look at my elementary school pictures, girls dressed like that every day for school.  And, there was no bus.  We walked the two or so miles every day.  (Not it was not uphill in the snow both ways).

Just for grins, I started Jessie on a higher level of the FlashMaster.  It went well and there were no emotional upheavals.  School went well.  Snack was raisins and second snack was chips and salsa.

In the afternoon, I asked Jessie if she wanted to work inside or outside.  She picked outside.  So, we went out and worked on the backyard some more work.  Jessie started work on a leaf book and swang on her swing.  I cut the larger branches into 4ft pieces for pick-up next Thursday.  While we worked, it rained on us, but not excessively.  I also cut the grass in the front yard.  I noticed that some spots in the driveway didn’t coat well.  I didn’t get the surface prepped in a few spots.  I’ll wire brush those areas and recoat.

After the afternoon work, we went to the grocery store.  We got pork loin, sausage, lettuce, bananas, clementines, ice cream, bread, raisins, and something I forget.

For supper, I warmed a plate of Chicken Cacciatore.  I sliced tiny pieces of chicken.  I put chicken and sauce and popped it in Jessie’s mouth.  You could see the moral dilemma on her face as she furrowed her brow.  Finally, she declared, in spite of herself, “That’s really good!”  Whatever the space aliens did with my real daughter I do not want to know.

After supper, we cuddled under blankets on the couch and read three chapters of Anne of Green Gables.  That idiot Gilbert Blythe confessed his undying love for Anne and proposed to her.  In a fit of greater stupidity, she told him no.  If Gilbert were going back to Avonlea for the summer, it’d be totally awkward.  Thank goodness he’s going to work at college all summer.  If only Anne would read the next book, she’d know that she’s always loved Gilbert and she’d finally see what everyone else already knows.

Jessie’s sister came in a day early.  She had a doctor appointment.  I was tired, so we called it a night at 8:00pm.  Everyone was ready to catch up on sleep.

Brushing, changing, listening, listening, reconnecting.  Goodnight day 122.

Blessings:  When sister comes to visit.  Being one step closer to having a fully cleaned backyard.  Rain.  Finding a $20 bill in the grocery store parking lot.  Jessie learning to be less resistant to new foods.  God’s kindness during writing projects


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