Day 121 (October 1, 2015)

121 Corner copy

I was up per usual before the chickens.  I’ve made editing a priority before Jessie gets up.  The project is almost done.

The first trash truck was the bulk trash truck.  A really sweet young lady wasn’t surprised all my metal had been picked up.  It’s the norm.  She told me that the plastic chair and pot were trash, but she’d take them.  She told me to have extra trash cans I had to get them registered.  I called Rita about registering my two extra cans and she said she’d send out two sets.  The trash truck came and they graciously took my regular can of trash and my unregistered can.  The house’s wallpaper is now officially one with the landfill.

Jessie is really doing well in school.  She likes handwriting.  She’s getting more and more efficient with all her subjects and there is consistently less whining (although it wasn’t excessive before).  In another eleven years of this she’ll be graduated.  If I hadn’t watched the other kids growing up, I would never have believed that those years would be here and gone before you know it.

I’ve been sneaking in more raisins for snack (don’t tell the older siblings).

I called and arranged for two more quotes on windows.

We went to Menards and got some this and that (paint tarps, wallpaper remover, razor blades, other stuff).  We took back the dresses that won’t work for Jessie.

The day ended before I got everything done I wanted to do.

Jessie decided that a sleepover would be fun, so I drug a mattress down to the living room.  She got the mattress and I got the couch.  It had been a while since we’d had a sleepover.  Jessie stole the comforter and let me use the two blankets.

But, of course, we prayed, read Bible, read a night-time story, brushed teeth and said good-bye the Thursday, day 121.

Blessings:  You won’t believe this, but we kept five fall dresses and they are blue with flowers, pink bobcatish print, pink plaid, a grey with large multi-colored polka-dots, and something else and all five dresses match her chartreuse shoes.  Her new brown shoes will be lonely, but Jessie loves the chartreuse ones better.  Kind trash haulers.  Sleepovers with Jessie


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