Day 119 (September 29, 2015)

119 Heart Shirt copy

Up early.  Reading the book of Esther.  I did a bit of editing.

Tuesday is a bath day for Jessie.  Bath day conflicts with Chariots of Fire.  You would think the goal was to get in the tub before the song ends.  But, since we’re trying to reinforce getting up and moving, we actually let her get dressed, then run bathwater and bathe, and then get re-dressed.  It’s strange, but it works.  Besides, I don’t like the idea of running and rushing on wet tile floors.  So, we rush to brush teeth, get dressed, and make bed.  We take our time getting in and out of the tub.

On bath days, Jessie listens to her Suzuki CD while she bathes.  On non-bath days, she listens to the CD during breakfast.  Morning Bible is usually during breakfast.  We get up at 7:00am and try to be in the schoolroom by 8:00am.

Breakfast was French toast.  Jessie requested a third piece.  I said, “no more gruel for you.”

By the way, the recently configured schoolroom is a great blessing.  Now I can work side-by-side with Jessie, supervise, and work on things like this blog.  I don’t miss the rickety card table.  It now serves as the dining room table in the dining room.  Now we have rickety meals whenever we have company.

I should also mention that Cleo the cat seldom misses joining us at the schoolroom windows as we start our days.

In school, Jessie had her first timed test subtracting ones.  I knew that this change would upset her greatly.  I was wrong.  She took it in stride and got them all correct, even though it was she first time.  I figured out how to make the FlashMaster pain-free.  Now, I hold it, read the numbers to Jessie, and push the button for her.  Her scores jumped from the previous day’s 40s and 60s to all scores being in the 90s.  She also pushes my hand aside and pushes the buttons herself.  Bravo for progress.

Jessie’s snack was raisins.

Saxon math had a side-lesson on volume and guesstimation.  We took five empty containers, a one-cup measuring cup, and a fill-in-the-blank chart.  Jessie estimated how many cups of water would go into each and which ones would hold the most.  Her ordering of the containers was wrong and her estimates were wide of the mark.  But, after filling the first one, she revised her estimates and came just pretty awful close.

Since it was raining and the prognosticators guessed it would rain all day, we betook to the car to get the weekly marketing done.  We got frozen pizza, bacon, chocolate kisses, hairspray, a haircut (mine, not hers), several fall dresses (hers, not mine), pull-ups (at Jessie’s age and at my age, it could be either), shredded cheese, yogurt, and ground turkey.

When we got home, I made chili since it was a cool, rainy day.  For toppings, I had shredded cheese, an entire chopped onion (tears in my eyes, nose running), and crackers.

We had time to kill, so gave Jessie several choices.  She chose to tear down the rest of the wallpaper.

Jessie practiced violin and read history.  She ate supper and we hit the road for the next round.  We bought more fall duds for Jessie.  We got 85% of the list of shopping done.  Hooray.

Sounds of teeth being brushed.  Words from God’s Word and to God in prayer being spoken.  Too tired to read Anne of Green Gables.  Seeing Dad’s bed being slid next to Jessie’s per her request.  Light goes to darkness.  The sound of deep breathing.  Ending of day 119.

Blessings:  Making progress on a to do list.  Rain.  The dénouement of project wallpaper.  Chili on a cold, rainy day.  Getting away with sneaking in raisins as a snack (don’t tell Jessie’s siblings.  Thy still tell horror stories about our attempt to feed them raisins).  Beds slid together side-by-side.


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