Day 114 (September 24, 2015)

114 Dishes copy

Jessie was up at the same time as usual, 7:00am.  We read the Bible, as usual.  We prayed, as usual.  And, as usual, there were teeth to be brushed, dishes to be washed, beds to be made, breakfast to be eaten, planes to catch, and bills to pay.

Jessie gets more confidence in her ability to take timed tests as the days go by.  We are seeing a lot more 100%s.

We got an estimate for windows via e-mail.  They only want $32,000 for windows.  They must have thought they were bidding a government job (can you say $800 for a pencil holder?

Meanwhile, we got a sane bid for windows from an Amish company with which we dealt over 20 years ago.  They make their own vinyl replacement windows.  I’d need to drive four hours to pick them up, but compared to the prices around her, it’s a no brainer.

Jessie complained about the chicken soup for lunch.  She’s still getting use to eating meat.  The other day she declared that ham was on her approved meat list, so we’re making progress.

After school, Jessie and I went to Menards.  It took two hours and three trips in and out of the store.  We got a rigid foam panel, another roll of reflectix, a treated 2x4x12, driveway crack filler, driveway sealer, a driveway squeegie, roofing compound, more aluminum tape, six bags of blow-in insulation, loppers, an 8-ft table, 308 6×6 clay tile, a stirring tool, pipe dope, 5ft of black pipe, a black pipe coupling, and other things that don’t currently come to mind.

In the later afternoon, Jessie’s grandfather came over and we continued to live by the sweat of our brows and fight back the weeds and thorns.  We finished cutting back the honeysuckle on the sides of the house, rebuilt the firewood rack (with the treated 2x4x12) and moved the firewood to the concrete patio.  We grabbed the leaf blower from storage so we had a new ally in the arsenol.  I used the sawzall to cut up some of the angle iron.  I moved the concrete squirrel, the two concrete birdbaths, a milk carton filled with concrete (weighing about 70lbs) to the front of the house for future disposal.  We coiled and stowed the various garden hoses.  I winterized the two outdoor hose bibs and found that one has a slow leak.  I put some torque on the valve to try to get it stopped for winter, but no dice.  I’ll be sweating copper in the next week.

Supper was leftover chicken alfredo.

After supper, we went for a walk.  For fun, we looked up selling prices on some neighboring properties.  Jessie got a milkshake.  We looked at putting the 8-ft table in Jessie’s schoolroom but decided instead to take it back and get a 6-ft.  We looked at whether the 6×6 tile matched the tile around the fireplace.  It does.  (one table out, 308 tile in).  It was a nice, laid back close of the day.

Jessie performed the usual rituals with her teeth and reading of Anne of Green Gables.  We pray the reading God’s Word will never become a ritual.  We pray that prayer will never become a ritual.  Day 114 ended with significant loot and booty transferred from our house to the coffers of Menards.

Blessings:  The retired church guys in Indiana and Holmesville who gifted me with the skills of working on a home, without whose skills, this adventure would not be possible, A mom and dad who taught me the value of hard work, Contractors who earn a fair wage and who don’t charge exorbitant prices.  A generous God who allowed us to get a beautiful home at half the market price for similar homes in this neighborhood.


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